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    I'm a  Network Administrator  IT Manager  System Ops Admin  Movie Lover  Lego Builder  Woodworker  Hiker  Pinball Player  Skier  Freelancer  Outdoor Man


About Me


I am a Utah native, and a technology enthusiast. Whether it is hiking or skiing, on the weekends you'll find me outdoors enjoying Utah's beautiful mountains. I also am a family man that enjoys spending time at home watching movies with my wife.

Birthday: October 4th

Personal Business Website: arcdesigns.io
*Currently on Hold

Phone: This is only by personal request. Feel free to contact me through Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin/Contact Form (See sidebar links)

Current Intrests: I am currently working on my degree with WGU. I have largely been self taught so its strange to go back to school. I have also been working on getting my workshop built to build many of my wood and electronic projects. One of which includes a Nixie Clock. I am also finding my great love of pinball again. Though I don't have a physical machine right now digital has been okay.

BS Business - Information Technology Management
Western Governor’s University
Estimated Graduation: July 2022

Resume: Click here!

*I have never worked for companies that required this. So I am slowly paying out of my pocket to get them.

Veeam VMCE - Veeam
Currently working on

SysOPS and Solutions Architect - Amazon AWS
Currently working on

Microsoft Office Specialist - Microsoft
Febuary 2018

VectaStar NMS Administrator - Cambridge Broadband Networks
August 2014


My Skills

Network Administrator

Routing, Vlans, Switches, Wireless, and other aspects of networking I have done all of it. Configurating a network is one of my favorite things to do. Keeping it UpToDate and secure.

Network Design / Implementation

Starting from scratch or maybe a remodel for your home or business? I am you guy for this process. I enjoy building networks for the future. I also enjoy getting my hands dirty with running networking cable and installing the devices.

Firewall Managment

I have working with most major brands of routers and firewall systems. This includes creating the policies that help protect you from attack. As more and more things go to the cloud this becomes even more important. AWS being one of them.

VPN Managment

It could be for clients connecting into the workplace or site-to-site vpn’s. I have done big and small the biggest being a client that has 10 locations. This system had some backend servers at the main office that each site needed to connect to.

Amazon Web Services

The cloud is the next big thing and I have run several large-scale systems in the cloud including smaller ones. For example, this website is run on AWS. I am currently working on certifications for this tool and enjoy working with it every week.

Windows Server and Active Directory

Onsite or in the cloud a server takes care of your needs whether big or small. I have managed these systems and know how to setup and mange them.

Linux Servers

Some of the best software and systems run on Linux. I have years of experience with running Linux backend systems and making sure they stay UpToDate.


Something you have heard about but are you running backups yourself? I have been around long enough to see data lost because of no backups. Ransomware is also becoming more and more popular. Is your backups protected from that? I can help setup systems that protect from that.

Computer Managment

I have experience managing from 1 to hundreds of devices. Of course as you grow you need a way to mange that and spreadsheets and manual processes don’t work after a certain point. I have the knowledge of how to automate that and build processes that work.

Scripting / Automation

I have been writing scripts in powershell, bash, python, and multi other languages. This has helped greatly with creating automation in everyday tasks that are repetitive. When you automate things there is less chances for human error and it also can speed up the process a ton.

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